Friday, August 6, 2010

Play #1-Beattles and Peter

i'm overhearing english accents and names and song titles i love and adore all mixed into dialogue. that in itself is funny. Peter Sellers, the Beattles. All appearing tonight at 1448!

I follow Leslie Law who is representing the band into the rehearsal room of Richard Ziman and play #1. Music: well, it's the Beattles. after opening please give us an iconic Beattles song.
not rocky raccoon as the lead in, later. maybe revolution. the end of revolution so we know it's an iconic beattles thing.

you need the guys to be the instruments right?
yes, so assign somebody in the band to each one of the actors.
Richard says, "I think instead of trying to conduct it is to just let the actors know that the musicians are going to be following them and that they need to move knowing that so no quick actions. Each musican should choose a Beattles lick from their instrument that we all know.

the drum is going to do things for us.
the only famous drum solo i can remember is in day of a life
i want the cords of course, but some fucked up version
Leslie: so you want
rocky roccoon
and octopuses garden
(richard-this is the moment he feels accepted by the group- Leslie jumps in - rock athem, power cords etc!)

right on the heels is design

Fake instruments. logo on the drums please if possible. maybe some guitar stands. those can be fake too. there's talk of how all three are playing Peter Sellers so is there a way for them to disapear on and off. No, not really. so instead they are doing it all on stage.

Costumes: make them look like the Beattles. the director has an Ipod. Hoping he can find the accents online.

and off to another room...

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