Saturday, August 7, 2010

14/48 - The Unsung Heroes (or, The Cookieman Cometh)

Jim Jewell chops lettuce in a basement.
Deb Fialkow, over lunch, tells the story of her decision not to go to Walla Walla for her beau's birthday, and for, as she's now mentioned twice, "lake party."
She had been teaching in Leavenworth, and had all of John Bradshaw's Tupperware in her car. See, 'Martyr John' had been planning to go to Leavenworth also, for the aforementioned "lake party", but had come down with the flu. So, instead, he was going to stay in town. But not entirely to rest. He was going to bake for 14/48.
He is the white knight of baking for whatever theater group he shines his light on.
One of his treats this weekend: Crack Merengues (not his name)
Deb decided to stay home for many reasons. All selfless, all in the name of 14/48. She wanted to be here to see the plays, to deliver Bradshaw's crack merengues, to check in with the virgins and see how their first interaction with the great and terrible 14/48 monster, which can shake even the most hardened artists down to their bones. She couldn't bring herself to go on winery tours and have birthday celebrations and LAKE PARTIES. 14/48 needed her.

Jim Jewell and Linda Lombardi!
Thanks for nourishing our bodies so that we can have the energy to nourish our creative spirits!

These guys toil in a makeshift kitchen to feed hundreds of mouths over the weekend, three times a day, and it is a non-stop 48 hours of straight-up, no glory, food prep. Army style, but with better food I think.

Deb Fialkow just brought me a beer. Gotta Go.

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