Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Meeting

*TAPTAP* Is this thing on?

Hello! Here to blog the first 24 hours of the second weekend.

Tiptoe in guiltily, late. Intro meeting already in progress and Festival Virgins onstage introducing themselves. Hurray!

Shawn Belyea runs through the festival rules as usual. Told he has 2 1/2 minutes left then talks for another 15 minutes. Very professional Powerpoint Presentation; the best I have ever seen.

Topics covered:

Beer will be flowing like wine all weekend: "It's there to help you get through it." Please tip the bartenders! Free beer for those with name tags only - stay back, greedy freeloaders.

Leave the place in a better state than you found it. Clean up. "Someone puked in the bathroom last was probably one of us." "If you're in a troubled state, tell somebody!" Giggles from the assembled crowd.

Something about garbage, locking the smoking gate: "It's the neighborhood. Crazy, insane drug people literally will wander in here." "And Chinese people."

Timid hand-raise: "If my co-writer isn't here, will I have to write by myself?" "YES." Request for a co-actor also submitted.

Disciplinary tongue lashings delivered in quick succession:

* Learn your lines
* Give yourself a break. Eat! Hydrate!
* It's a small space, you are amplified. WE WILL HEAR YOU.

The Mazen Award is paraded out. "The Mazen is awarded to veteran participants of 14/48, for their contribution to the spirit of risk taking and camaraderie embedded in our process." Presented to Peggy Gannon. Rousing applause and cheering.



Andy Joe said...

Let it be noted that the comment "And Chinese people" was spoken by Andromeda Dunker, half German / Half Chinese.

Let it be noted that all the white folks tittered nervously, then saw it was Andromeda. Those who know Andromeda weren't surprised. Those who don't know Andromeda all had that look of "Oh my god. Who invited that racist?"

Then Andromeda warned us "and we all know kung fu."

Sigh. Just keep the doors shut, folks. And relax. It's 14/48. See you in 24 hours.

Becky said...

Congratulations to Peggy Gannon!! So cool!!