Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hard at Work!

Okay, I will attempt to be more factual in my captions today. However, as I sit here and hear the Golden Girls theme song coming from one room, and what sounds like a woman giving birth in the other room, I'm not sure there is such a thing as accurate analysis.

Opal Peachey is looking at the script that she will direct. That part of the picture is obvious. What is not obvious is whether her coffee cup is actually at her lips, or just off to the side of her face. Optical illusion, or too little sleep last night?

Richard Ziman is also looking at the script he will direct today. Try to detect the optical illusion in this picture...

Designer Michael Mowery, Costumer Amy Lazert, Designer Dante Olivia Smith, and Director Richard Ziman will come to a conclusion about the show they are working on in a minute. But first, they need to tackle the problem of Amy's coffee thermos. It's purple, and double-decker. I cannot seem to get over it.

Band member Jason Anderson and director Opal Peachey reading things.

MJ Sieber and DW Gibson look on as their actors finally get a sense of what these two are asking them to do. It's interesting to see how they each react to that power.

Paul Morgan Stetler, virgin director, and Aimee Bruneau, virgin writer. I'm pretty old, so it's been a long time since I've seen two virgins come together and make something happen. Quite exciting!

director Andy Jensen has questions for Zoe Fitzgerald, the writer of the script in his hand. She is going to answer him in her sleep.

The anticipation! It makes Opal Peachey positively glow!

Jaime Roberts too!

Annette Toutonghi is thinking something incredibly profound right at this moment. And we will never know what.

Peggy Gannon and Colleen Robertson might be discussing their script. Or they might be gossiping about the ridiculousness of Troy Fischnaller's pants.

By the way, now would be a good time for me to apologize for not knowing the difference between the last name Roberts and the last name Robertson. Colleen is a Robertson, and Jaime is a Roberts.

"This is how you take someone down in one move to the windpipe. Annette? Are you paying attention? This will come in handy some day." Jaime ROBERTS (thank you) instructs Annette Toutonghi and Chris MacDonald in the art of ninja.

Now is a good time to point out that that woman is still giving birth in the other room.

I bet that Brian Claudio-Smith was a good student. Teacher's pet good, even.

In contrast, I bet that Andy Jensen was the kid who did airplane spins in the outfield instead of....being at math class.

Bob Williams doing yoga while studying. Some people are kinetic learners.

I was going to find Jose Amador and ask him what he was thinking during this picture, but I think it's more fun to guess.

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