Friday, August 6, 2010

First Moments - The Band

(They're working through the sound/music for Play #3. Let's listen in.)

We have a conservative Christian family sitting in a crowded restaurant. Amy Grant. "Like, Sing your Praise to the Lord." "Oh God." Needs restaurant sounds effects - some "restaurant rustling". Plates crashing. Clinking. "Order up." It's going to be episodic. Can we do some sort of a transitory Law and Order DUNDUN sound effect? "I might be able to lay my hands on a Flexatone." "OK, you be silverware man." "There are 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8 of those restaurant cues."

(Now we move to Play #4.)

We need hold music that's supposed to be soothing, but is completely irritating. Air Supply? Should we do a little bit of "Call Me" as an intro to the play? Going into intermission: We need to create the sound of the Blue Angels flying over. Something rumbly and loud.

The band busts into a completely excellent rendition of "Call Me." "Wow. We're smooth."

Band member Erik Lane Barnes "Captain SmartyPants": "I need to go get something from my car. Anyone need anything? Any blow? Hookers?"

Band break!

(Jodi lugs in a gigantic tuba case. WE HAVE FOUND A TUBA. Time between "we need a tuba" announcement and procuring said tuba? 2.5 hours. Band member Banton Foster starts pom-poming away. Is that what a tuba sounds like? Pom-pom-pom?)

All pictures by Matt Larsen. To see the full 14/48 portfolio visit Matt's Picasa Album.

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