Friday, August 6, 2010

oh god

Oh man, this has been a problematic last couple hours.

First, drew play number 7. Hands shaking, thinking: "So I'll either end the evening on a high note or write superfluous boring drivel serving as background to texting and looking at watches."

While driving home I cheered myself by making loud, horn noises with my lips, and that is how I found inspiration for my play.

Hopefully all goes well. I want to say that I've done a first draft, and when you have more than a dozen hours to write a play, you can congratulate yourself on your amazing words that just flowed on to the page, and take a long break. But when you only have til morning, you have to reread those words. And you have to see immediately that most of your words are horrible, but that's okay because the terrible structure distracts from them, and the terrible structure is at the very least uninhibited by cohesive themes.

So rewriting, rewriting, into the night, conjuring work for tomorrow's designers. Pity the poor designers, whose tasks are now set by crazy ramblings at 1:53 a.m.

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