Friday, August 6, 2010

Tech - Play #5

While the crew attempts to connect a giant faux-brass bower, the actors enter in a great set of costumes. Bower apparently rented from a wedding-supply place today. Also, best costumes we've seen so far. Peggy Gannon: "It's not see-through; I'm covered, completely." (Pulls up dress to reveal beige Spanx). And what a professional steering wheel made from cardboard!

Time to try and figure out what this play is actually about. While band runs through intro I examine the delightful array of sound-makers arranged on Salo's keyboard.

Haha! Love the actors' entrance. Peggy's feet are obviously killing her. I feel you with the stilettos, girl.

Director Charles Smith: "Who the fuck directed this?"

Break to direct the band how to make car honking sounds. "We just need some light honking." Band obliges. "Yeah that honking could be just a little lighter."

Patrick Allcorn: "I'm going to put my elbow like so, so the bower doesn't fall on the audience."

They've run out of time. Rushrushrushurshurhusrhurshurhusrhsurhusrhushrush.

My back is starting to hurt. I wonder when I should start drinking?

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