Friday, August 6, 2010

She Lights Up Our World- Dante Olivia Smith

Now I sit with vet lighting designer, Dante Olivia Smith

What does it mean to light 14/48?

Normally it’s meant coming up with a plot for the festival and anticipating what could happen which with this festival could be anything. This year is different, as I have never worked in this space and have been handed a plot and I get to take their plot and see what I can do. So it’s a challenge.

We have a dragon’s lair and there’s a yacht (a water effect), otherwise it’s a pretty mellow day in terms of lighting -inevitably there is a request that comes in at tech that can throw us for a loop- a good loop but a loop, but so far it’s pretty straightforward. I like to make the band the look good. They are on stage the whole time and they work REALLY hard so they SHOULD look good.

What is the thickest part of your day?

The tech is when I am really working. I will do some work ahead but usually you have to change everything anyways, so I wait until tech. This morning I had to change the plot colors from last weekend so I was a bit busier this morning doing that but usually it’s at tech that I do the bulk of my work.

What’s your favorite of lighting for 14/48?

You know, my favorite thing about 14/48 is that I have seen some truly great life changing moments at 14/48. Sometimes that is helped by a design element and sometimes it’s in the writing or playing. Conversely I have seen some terrible moments. Which is also exciting because it is isn’t there the night before.

The best part is being able to contribute to something new and ephemeral.

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