Friday, January 4, 2013

Directors' Meeting

Stage managers Rachel Delmar and Brandon Ryan are meeting with the directors. Meeting started right on time at 3pm. Directors seem on top of what they need. Most of them have already had previous conversation with David (Lighting) and the band for light and sound cues.

As they share their needs with the SMs and stage crew, the documentary film maker cameras are right in their faces! They are pretending to ignore them as best as they can. I am tempted to share some of the specifics being discussed (as they are living up to the promise of 14/48 craziness) but I want to save the surprises for you to come see in person! So, I'll only repeat what has already been disclosed. Giant hair strands, falling babies and swords for chess pieces. There is also a request for a skilled dodge ball player to pummel some actors from backstage.

Looks like majority of the plays are fairly simply transitions, except for show #7 which could use up any of the tech time other shows don't need.

3:18PM - directors' meeting is done!

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Miss Devylish said...

Hey - can you guys write a post about the documentary as well? I haven't heard much about it. Yay! Thanks!