Friday, January 4, 2013

Checking in on Play 3

Jim Moran's two-hander called "Gulliver's App" stars Mark Boeker and Charissa Adams.  Stan Shields is directing.  They are having fun.  Stan is a good director.  They have a wee dressing room in which to rehearse so I feel right on top of them - just the way I like it.  Next hour they are going to drill drill drill to get completely off book.  Stan's gotta make the director's meeting.  OH!  I've never been to one of those.  I got 4 minutes to get there.

Mark Boeker and Stan Shields
Photo by Teri Lazzara

Charissa Adams and Teri Lazzara
Photo by Teri Lazzara

Charissa Adams and Mark Boeker
Photo by Joe Iano

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Miss Devylish said...

You said 'drill' and 'two-hander'.. snicker snicker.