Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 2 - Writers and Directors

Everyone looks surprisingly perky.  It's going to be fun.

Oooo - I'm eavesdropping on the director/playwright meetings.  So fun to listen to Tina LaPlant (playwright) and Tim Hyland (director) reading her play aloud and discussing - so intense.  I think I heard her say "Sister Pig."

Maggie Lee, The Picture of Inspiration, Suzanne Cohen
Moving on to Suzanne Cohen and Maggie Lee who are doing drawings of the space.  Suzanne looking for guidance from coffee drinking Maggie who has a picture - oh I must get a picture of that picture.  I got a picture of the picture - well kind of - where's that awesome photographer.  Maggie says the picture is "inspiration."  I don't know what it is.  Maggie says, "Does that sound crazy?  I know it's crazy?"  She is giggly when exhausted and says, "Michael Mowery is going to be mad at me."  In other news, it's weird that she has a picture of a pig on her t-shirt.  What's going on with pigs in my morning.

Peggy and Brendan.  "Everything is lies!" says Peggy.  Mr. Healy has those sexy man bedroom eyes which are brought to us by sleep deprivation - ohhhhhh bring on the hot hot hot playwright love. Talking it up with a big Diet Coke.  Peggy says, "I don't know how I feel about that now that it came out of my mouth." Yet Brendan responds, " Uh yeah - I see what you mean but I think it will work either way.  Being the chief ham that I am I think it should say..... " (OH MY GOD!  Another pig reference!)  I'm outta here.
Jose Amador and Teri Lazzara
Photo by Teri Lazzara

Wisdom from Big Cheese Belyea as he peeks in on Peggy and Brendan, "The writer can imagine it to be a certain thing but the director has to make it real and make the experience for the audience." Brendan adds, "and for your mom."  (I'll be his momma.)  As Tim Hyland approaches, Shawn Belyea adds, "Mazen award winners - I think you know sh&*%t!."

Continuing the eavesdropping with my boyfriend (let's make out!) Jose Amador.  Crickets.  Where is his playwright Jim Moran?  I can report that Jose is very quiet and writing things on paper.  He looks intense and maybe a little crabby but definitely dreamy.

I plant myself under a cafe table where director Paul Budraitis and playwright Matt Smith are intensely discussing Matt's play.  Paul says, "There's a cat under the table."  Golly, I would meow at him any time.  Hot director in the room!  Woot!   Matt Smith heating up the room next to him.  I love the collaboration at the beginning between the director and playwright.  This is fun.  The playwrights are surprisingly communicative about what their dreams and aspirations for final production are.  Matt says, "Exactly, exactly" and "I see what you mean!" in response to Paul's suggestions, requests for clarification and questions.  Matt:  "I think that what is important to this is THIS.  Getting the idea from HERE."  He's pointing at the script so I don't know what they're talking about but probably because I'm distracted by their cute shoes.  Gotta go.  There's a film crew surrounding me and I should be doing something to distract them from my cleavage which is HUGE today.

Uh oh - I neglected my new boyfriend Manny Cawaling.  He's already completed his playwright collaboration.  He confirmed that he was excited about his conversation with Eric Lane Barnes.  "We talked about his script and he gave me license to add new dimensions (no details of course we don't want to give anything away) which excites me.  Balancing the telling of the story to serve the playwright yet adding my creativity to it."   I ask, "Will there be balls?"  "There are always balls, Teri, always."  Excellent!

I left out the collaboration of Jonah Von Spreecken (playwright) and Stan Shields (director).  Stan got locked outside and therefore I missed talking to him prior to the draw.  Jonah just came by and indicated that he is thrilled with the casting - see separate post for cast info.  And I would like to meow around with both Jonah and Stan.

But will they all have pigs?  What's with the pigs?

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