Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 2 Line-up

10:05 am.  Mr. Belyea tells everyone what a lovely job they did last night.  Talks about the documentary that is not a documentary.  Spontaneous interaction is good.  Have some fun.  Mess around.  He goes crazy and loses his mind in front of the film crew!  "Some Sh*&^t like that would be great." he says.

Let's make some plays here!

Play 1
In His Name by Tina LaPlant
Directed by Timothy Hyland
Libby Barnard
Carolyn Marie Monroe
Amanda Lee Williams

Play 2
The Unknowable by Maggie Lee
Directed by Suzanne Cohen
Charissa Adams
Julie Gillis
Matthew Middleton
Andrew Murray

Play 3
21 Run by Matt Smith
Directed by Paul Budraitis
David Brown King
Chris Ensweiler
Mazen Award Winning Jason Harbor

Play 4
The Destiny of Lil' Davy by Jim Moran
Directed by Jose Amador
Zoey Belyea
Sara Coates
Ashley Flannagan
Adria LaMorticella
Charles Smith

Play 5
Snow Birds by Brendan Healy
Directed by Peggy Gannon
Rachel Ross
Alex Samuels
Rebecca Shepherd
Lantz Wagner

Play 6
The Eyrie at the End of the Lane by Jonah Von Spreecken
Directed by Stan Shields
Trick Danneker
Heather Persinger

Play 7
Slice of Life by Eric Lane Barnes
Directed by Manuel Cawaling
Megan Ahiers
Mark Boeker
Justin Huertas
Ben McFadden
Sarah Winsor

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