Friday, January 4, 2013

Tech Rehearsal Shows 5,6 &7.

Show #5: Touched for the Very First Time by Matt Smith, directed by Jose Amador

From a tech perspective, this is a fairly straightforward show. With the benefit of being the first show after intermission, the crew has the set pieces pre-set. The cast got a chance to run the show straight through with the band, and the cast is just killing (that's a good thing) this really funny Matt Smith script.

And we transition to the penultimate show. Right on time.

Show #6: Obstakles For To Make Honeymoon by Jonah Von Spreecken, directed by Suzanne Cohen

Beach sounds and Russian accents. Suzanne steps in and gives a note to the band - "not so many sea gulls please. Waves can continue, but not so many sea gulls."

Smooth run through with no internal cues. 10 minutes to spare - they'll run it again!

Black out, and we transition to the final show. Perhaps the biggest transition of the night for the stage crew, and they're running it real time with the band playing a Eastern European inspired melody to match the Russian accents.

Show #7: The Mission by Eric Lane Barnes, directed by Timothy Hyland

Tim Hyland walks in with his power house cast of 5 ladies. "To boldly go where, hopefully, no one has gone before". The cast does a little choreographed jig to the song that I'm naming Primordial Ooze. The band probably has a different name for it.

Tim negotiates just the right "alarm sound" with the band as lights and actors get ready to take it from the top. Lots of sound and light cues in this show, as Tim predicted during the directors' meeting. This tech goes right down to the wire. Light board op must take his break as the band takes us into transition.

Tech is complete. Time for dinner.

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