Friday, January 4, 2013

Tech Rehearsal Shows 3 & 4

Show #3: Gulliver's App by Jim Moran, directed by Stan Shields

Two hander featuring Charissa Adams and Mark Boeker. The band holds the outro of the last piece as the intro transition show #3, which starts with Charissa dumping a bunch of Jigsaw puzzle pieces on Mark's head. Mark and Stan discuss how long it would take to pick up the puzzle pieces off the stage. Jim seems to have written a play with new-world phone apps and games and old-world puzzle and board games!

The band takes us out with Queen, and we transition to show #4.

Show #4: Expecting by Brendan Healy, directed by Manuel Cawaling

Mazen Award winner Jason Harber stops by to say hello, and tells me that everyone seems to think he's wiser now that he has won the Mazen. I assure him not everyone thinks so. 

Very 'baby' themed intro music for this. Actors in place, some confusion about the sequence of light specials. David takes a moment to write some more cues.

This show makes a lot of mess! A lot of rigging for things dropping from the sky, as well as things being thrown at the actors from the audience. Manny is concerned the band might become collateral damage! As the rigging is not in place yet, this show gets to come back at 7pm for final fine tuning.

And we transition into intermission!

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