Friday, January 4, 2013

Tech Rehearsal Show 1 & 2

Show #1: The White Queen by Maggie Lee, directed by Paul Budraitis

Costumes and head gear inspired by European courts and chess boards. The band is not in place and Paul needs the band to tech his in and out transitions. David is showing Paul the light cues in the meantime.

Actors ready to take it from the top. The band is finally here and rockin' almost immediately!

The documentary crew has mics on stage that require some blocking adjustments. Chalk it up to 14/48 unpredictability. Paul drives a quick cue-to-cue with lights and band coordinating. Time's up. Crew starts transitioning to show #2.

Show #2: Then There Were Three by Tina LaPlant, directed by Peggy Gannon

Moving boxes and a bottle of booze on stage. Band is playing a very Celtic, Stonehenge sounding intro. Peggy Gannon tells David "let's get through this quickly, cuz I want to use most of this time for spacing." And then we have STAGE COMBAT!!

Peggy fixes the blocking a little, encouraging actors to open up to the thrust seats. "Just a suggestion of course, all bets are off when the audience shows up!"

10 minutes to go - they're going to try running the show from the top.

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