Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday 8:00PM show Act 2

The band picked it up after the intermission right where we left off.

Show #5: What a beautiful, touching piece. Alex Samuels and his hearing impaired-ness earned some well deserved laughs before the play took a darker turn, with the play ending in complete silence. And then the applause exploded.

Show #6: Trick and Heather team up for a some what literal "over the edge" piece with some very interesting layers to it. Great beak work Trick - especially when reading the letter.

And the finale...

Show #7: Made such a mess! No one saw the salad fall coming - nor the tantrum that Megan threw (along with the glass and the broom and the chair). And we jam away with the band to curtain call.

Time to gear up for CLOSING NIGHT ENERGY and do this thing one last time. Until next weekend.

Blogger 2 of 2 signing off.

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