Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mazen Mazen Mazen!

Per Mr. Belyea who is now giving away the Mazen Award:  This person in a million years would never expect he/she would get it.  JASON HARBER!!!! WOOOO!  Standing people.  Craziness.  He is adorable.  Wooo.  So sweet.  Meowing throughout the audience.  OK - maybe I'm the only one meowing but everyone else has the same flavor.

Oh golly, he's making me cry with his talking stuff.  Jason Harber is my new boyfriend.

The Mazen Award is awarded to veteren participants of 14/48 who embody
the spirit of community and risk-taking inherent in our process. The award
is named for longtime local actor Glenn Mazen, a supporter of the
festival who passed away in 2003.

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