Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jim Moran's Irish Play

Just before Jim Moran - the only virgin playwright this weekend - left for the day to get some rest, I had a brief chat with him about the writing process.

"How did last night go?" I asked.

"A lot like yesterday actually..."

"And what was that like?"

"On Thursday, as I walked home to lower Queen Anne, I came up with the idea for the play. By around midnight, I started writing the dialogue and such, and finished around 3:30 in the morning." Jim responded.

"Same deal last night?"

"Pretty much the same thing. Except, I was on the bus last night when I had the idea!" Jim smiled.

I asked if he liked his cast. He said he loved the draw and added "I've put some accents in the play this time and I think the cast is excited about sounding Irish!"

Jim Moran's play The Destiny of Lil' Davy will be world premiered at 8:00PM tonight at ACT Theatre. Check it!

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