Friday, January 4, 2013

Intermission 8:00PM Show!

14/48 is underway! 
White knight and black bishop do battle in The White Queen
Show #1 - Maggie Lee delivers yet another crowd favorite on this triumphant return of the veteran playwright. The Knight vs. Bishop battle stole the show! 

Show #2 - A touching piece, well delivered. Alex Samuel wins the award for the best drunk in Act 1. 

Show #3 - Mark and Charissa work through a little technical glitch to bring to life Jim Moran's first ever 14/48 play. Another comedy that ends in cackling laughter!

And finally...

Matt Middleton gets nailed by a soccer ball
Show #4 - I told you they had a bunch of stuff falling from the sky. Three babies, a dog and uncountable number of balls came tumbling down from the cat walk, and landed exactly where they were supposed to. Jason Harber and Libby Barnard share the best trailer trash award for Act 1.

Folks, the first half delivered. We're headed back in for Act 2. And when we return, we'll draw the theme for Saturday show!