Saturday, January 5, 2013

Directors Meeting

Tim Hyland is directing the first show has the first unusual request. He does not want anything pre-set for the show, to not give anything away. I'm now curious to see this play in tech. Manny just whispered in Tim's ear... I sense actors from show 1 might end up playing a role in show 7.

Rachel asked Paul B if there was anything crazy, fights etc., and he replied "Yes. Why do you want to know about that?" After further discussion they've decided they don't need a fight call.

Jose is directing the "Irish play". The whiskey bottle needs to be pre-set. Like I said, Irish play.

Eagle nest play has intense sounding transitions both in and out, and I suspect that will take the lion's share of tech time.

"As straight forward as the play is, it's set in a restaurant. So there is a lot of stuff there", Manny starts his spiel. He's not kidding. The discussion between Manny, Michael and Rachel is all about cutting down the clutter and simplify the transition. He is hoping to use actors from other plays to fill up the restaurant. We'll see how that works out - will make it easier for everyone to come down for the curtain call, that's for sure! On the other hand, they make a big mess during the show to make it more complicated for the crowds assembling on the stage at the end.

Three minutes to tech for show #1.

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