Saturday, January 5, 2013

Designer Story of the Day

The designers just got back from their rounds of discussing requirements with directors. Today promises to be a more challenging day than yesterday.

Designer pow wow.
Photo: Agastya Kohli
One of the challenges of the day is a 12 feet diameter eyrie (that's a nest of a bird of prey as an eagle or a hawk) for Jonah Von Spreecken's play The Eyrie at the End of the Lane. There is talk of collecting as may bare sticks and twigs and assembling the nest, or using a large basket. Lots of brain storming going on.

The second challenge is the aforementioned tentacles from Maggie Lee's The Unknowable (henceforth nick named Maggie's monster play). Every time I've checked in with the designers, they seem to be talking about tentacles, and how they will appear from backstage to reach the actor on stage. There is so much tentacle talk, Teri says "Teri is tired of the tentacles".

Lighting challenge of the day is a TV that needs to sit on the edge of the stage, and have screen glow projected on the actor's face. David is thinking of running a cable under the platform and controlling it from the board.

In other par-for-the-course 1448 design discussion, we need a set of nun-chucks and some empty beer cans. The only outstanding question for now is "who's playing the armadillo?" Like I said, par for the course.

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