Thursday, January 3, 2013

Actor Orientation

Megan Ahiers and Erin Bryn Fetridge talk to the actors:

Actors should bring:
- Shoes that fit you
- Something sexy
- Business suit
- All black outfit
Men - don't shave until you draw your role. Feel free to bring your shaving stuff. Remember, there are showers here.
Ladies, you probably won't draw "hairy legged woman". But hey, if you don't shave, stay not shaved.
Gentlemen - if you own a dance belt, and you want to wear your own dance belt, then bring it.
Anything weird, bring it.

More important than what you wear, says Megan, is what you do. Remember your projection on this huge stage and act to the people in the balcony as well. Preserve your voice all day long but then remember to project when you get on the big stage.

Don't get super drunk on Friday night. Drink water all day long. Eat smart and healthy. Ask your director for what you need. 30 minutes to learn my lines, need to do some yoga right now... whatever you need. Take care of yourself. And finally, Go BIG or go home!!

That's it for Thursday night. Blogger 1 of 2 signing off for the night. See you tomorrow morning, bright and early. Let's make some plays!!

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