Friday, January 4, 2013

Act 2 from 8PM

Heather Persinger, Zoey Cane Belyea, Ashley Flannegan,
Sarah Winsor and Amanda Lee Williams in The Mission.
Shows 5 through 8 for Friday night's 8:00PM performance continued the great run started by shows 1 through 4.

Show #5: I'm not sure which will live on longer in 1448 infamy - Megan Ahier's 73 year old lady with a walker, or Trick Danneker's green chested Hulk, or (this is my personal guess) - Chris Ensweiler's Spiderman sex scene!

Show #6: Yuri is a bad man! The crowd lapped up the polar bear swim.

Show #7: Starship Square 1 led by Captain Jane Kirk went where no woman had ever gone before. To the beginning! And ended the show with a rockin' Spirit in the Sky!

The theme for tomorrow is Over the Edge. See you there!

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