Saturday, January 9, 2010


PLAY ONE The Guitar Case by Maggie Lee - directed by Opal Peachey
2M, 2W
Rob Burgess
John Q Smith
Angela DiMarco
Colleen Robertson

PLAY TWO Jeff Becomes Her by Celene Ramadan - directed by Nicole Boyer Cochran
2M, 1W
Michael Katt
Brandon Whitehead
Lisa Viertel

PLAY THREE Eggs of Green by Scot Augustson - directed by Carol Roscoe
Daniel Arreola
Troy Lund

PLAY FOUR Sticky Monkeyflower Mrs. by Elizabeth Heffron - directed by Tammi Doyle
3M, 2W
Rob Jones
Charles Smith
Mark Boeker
Amy Love
Therese Diekhans

PLAY FIVE Expecting Bobby by Joy McCullough-Carranza - directed by Tyrone Brown
2M, 1W
Jacob Sidney
Troy Fischnaller
Morgan Rowe

PLAY SIX Deep Memory by Dawson Nichols - directed by John Farrage
3M, 3W
Alex Garnett
Stan Shields
Ryan Higgins
Annie Lareau
Kate Parker
Kerry Ryan

PLAY SEVEN We're Not Talking by Paul Mullin - directed by Erin Kraft
2M, 2W
John Paulsen
Peter O'Connor
Allison Strickland
Tina LaPadula

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