Saturday, January 16, 2010

Writer's Thoughts as of 12:42am

From David Tucker II
Who wrote "Third Runner Up" on Friday

Clara Rodriguez, Alex Samuels, David Hogan & Ashley Bagwell

David Hogan as Miss Sequim
David writes:
"All right, 'Somewhere over the Rainbow" which means pretty much whatever you want it to mean. It's hopeful and yet has an element of disappointment. Contemporary, period piece, it is a great theme in that there are so many possible interpretations. So why don't I have one yet?!
Sitting here with Credence Clearwater playing, it's 11:40 pm, I'm more tired than I thought I would be and have put only 'Lights up' on the page. Several ideas that I've already considered and discarded were simply too dark. I enjoy exploring the darker side of human nature, but this time I want to explore something with a touch of romance in it ... yet a bittersweetness as well.
So its time to write. Because 8 am is going to come, whether I've got a script in hand or not."
The clock is ticking and....

Minutes later, the blog receives

"Finally, an idea. I just don't know if I have the chops to pull it off. So for a little more comfort zone as I wade into this, I've decided to go with Beatles music to better get into the rhythm of the writing.
I've got a cast of two men and two women and I don't want to do a couples thing, there was already a kick-ass couples play earlier tonight (by Scotto Moore, directed by Liam Cole with David Goldstein, Jen Moon, Allyson Scadron-Branner and Ray Tagavilla. AJ) that was great so I want to explore new territory. I don't want to really divulge the concept until I have a solid draft written and know the damn thing is working. And yes, its now 12:20 am and the clock keeps ticking."
David and readers, fear not. It's gonna be great.

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