Saturday, January 16, 2010

43 Tickets Left for the 8pm Show

All artist comps, All-Fest Pass, two-for-one tickets are allocated.

If the 8pm is the only one you can make, call ACT's Ticket Office at (206) 292-7676.

If you can make the 10:30pm and like to party, you still should get your tickets at the number above or click here.

See those two seats on the left?  Those are probably gone now. If $20 is a little steep for you to see 7 plays based on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" you can get $10 tickets for the 10:30pm show while supplies last at

And if you think "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is a lame theme, then you hate this child.

He picked the theme at random after the 8pm show.


paul said...

Can I like the theme and still hate the child?

Andy Joe said...

Only if the child gets to hate you as it grows into the most powerful man in the world, never forgetting the unrelenting venom you needlessly spewed on him.

paul said...

Hmmmm. Let me think about it.