Friday, January 15, 2010

Notes on a Breakfast: Friday 9:45-10:05 am

Kate Parker, a curious expression, and the magical potato pancakes (left)
It is the friday morning meeting, including breakfast and actor draw. Everyone is eating and engaging in pleasant conversations. It is the easy part of the day, before the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan or fans.
Connor Toms and Hana Lass enter (middle pic, holding potato cakes). They have a lot of stuff. It is recommended that actors bring some costumes with them. That they be prepared.
Their inventories:
Connor Toms
Bunch of Superhero Tees
2 pairs of pants (3, if we're including the ones he's wearing)
Not many shoes

Hana Lass
10% of overall shoe supply (10 pairs, roughly)
Thousands of combinations of black, white, and grey clothing
Business casual wear
craaaaaaaaazy dresses (her words)
Preparation=perspiration=dedication=I'm not good at these comparisons

Betsy "useless until noon" Schwartz (seen here in bottom pic with bucket)- half a bagel, pathetically schmeared with a tiny amount of cream cheese. Less than 30% coverage. This is gonna fuel you? Oh, honey, noon is coming soon.



Louise said...

Are they serving french toast yet?? *want want want* I can't wait for lunch!

Troy Fischnaller said...

Oh hell yeah they served the crap out of some french toast. David Hogan and Alex Samuels shared a piece. Later, the 14/48 gods would have them cross dressing, but they eat on, not knowing.