Saturday, January 16, 2010

11:50am Show #4 rehearsal

I don't want to give anything away, but I walked into the 7th floor lobby and director Darian Lindle says to Ray Tagavilla "and that pause can go on and on and get as awkward as possible."

There's gonna be some funny stuff in show four.

At this point in the rehearsal, the actors and director have read through the whole show, cast it and are working through the script on their feet.  Starting and stopping, trying new pictures and intentions.

Darian gives a direction to the cast and ends with "...uh, did that make sense?"  the cast says "Yes!" with the look to Darian of  "We're all tired and we're with you."

They're choreographing a touch of hands across a table.  And they're getting punchy with riffing.

Darian:  What if you reach leading with your finger?

Khanh: Like this?

Matthew: Oh, and then we can reach up and our palms can touch.

Ray: and then we dance.

Betsy: (demonstrating her proposed moves) On the table?

All:  Hah hahahahaha!  (Body language) Okay, okay...  let's try just reaching across the table and see where it logically goes from there.

(A number of tries)

Darian:  Oh, nice.  We're at the end of the play already?  Nice.  Let's run it again and I'll try not to stop you.  Let's rock.

Darian:  5 minutes, 29 seconds.  Yes!

All:  (high fives and general frivolity.)

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