Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Play #1: Pretty Little Bluebirds
Written by David Schmader
Directed by Julie Beckman

Chris Ensweiler
Alex Samuels
David Goldstein
Alyson Scadron-Branner
Hana Lass

Play #2: Birds Fly
Written by Marcy Rodenborn
Directed by Tina LaPlant

Lyssa Brown
Keira McDonald
Jennifer Moon

Play #3:  Sending a Message
Written by Scotto Moore
Directed by Liam Cole

Connor Toms
Mik Kuhlman

Play #4: The Prisoner of Id
Written by David Tucker II
Directed by Darian Lindle

Matthew Middleton
Ray Tagavilla
Betsy Schwartz
Khanh Doan

Play #5:  Conducting Business
Written by Nick Stokes
Directed by David Bennett

Kaleb Hagen-Kerr
Ashley Bagwell
Andrew MacMasters
Sylvie Davidson

Play #6:  Beyond the Rain
Written by La'Chris Jordan
Directed by Victor Janusz

John Bartley
Becky Poole
Michelle Lewis Chiachiere

Play #7:  Pretty Flowers
Written by Jonah von Spreecken
Directed by JD Lloyd

David Hogan (or Deb Fialkow if David is too sick)
Ben Burris
Betty Campbell
Clara Rodriguez

Keep in mind, the people below are working on ALL 7 plays throughout the day.  Don't be shy in your praise of them.

Design Team
Design Lead:  Michael Mowery (he's way too self-effacing, but he is the Lead Designer)
Costumes:  Hannah Schnabel & Julia Evanovich 
Props:  Katie Hansen
Set Design & Construction:  Gary Menendez
A Little Bit of Anything Else That Needs to be Done:  Maria Menendez

The 14/48 Band:
Eric Lane Barnes - Percussion & Keys (if he's not too sick.  Get better!)
Alan Echison - Drums
Alyssa Keene - Vocals & Guitar
Sky Lynn - Guitar & Vocals
Tim Moore - Vocals, Harmonica
Dave Pascal - Bass
Robertson Witmer - Accordion, Clarinet, Saxophone

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Baron Jonah Von Spreecken said...

And Amanda Williams! In Play #7...