Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Draft done!

Woo-hoo! I just wrote "End of Play." Yippee! Now comes the part where I rewrite. It's funny - I kept starting and stopping different ideas, but once this one came, it came FAST. And I laughed and cried while writing it. It's a mother daughter fighting force in Iraq with a twist. And a crazy female drill sargeant. And my favorite line is "Are there little sissy boys who snuck onto my squad or ARE THERE WOMEN?"

I am staying at the lovely Ms. Teri Lazzara's tonight and she and Mr. Alex Samuels just came in from the 10:30 show. "Oh my god, you were brilliant tonight!" she says to me and it makes me happy, but of course, it was my fantastic director, JD Lloyd, and my fantabulous cast, John Bartley, Ben Burris, and Keira McDonald.

Alex gave me a very delicious s'more pop tart that is giving me the extra strength I need to bring this baby home.

Hope y'all are sleeping and stuff and read this in the morning....

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