Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tech Show #3 Scotto Moore's Sending A Message

They discuss where the main prop will enter from and spike it. The band rehearses the Rolling Stones' "Time Is On My Side." The rest of the furniture is set. Ray Gonzales writes down the run crew's choreography. Five of the show's 20 minutes have elapsed.

The definition of what a blackout means is discussed. Several examples are shown of what could occur. This is a tech heavy-ish piece, so precise actions are decisions are deliberated. 10 minutes have elapsed.

The band rehearses a sound effect. The cues are set. Group energy is turning punchy.

The central prop, a time machine, has been constructed cleverly with items generally found laying around.

Five minutes left, the cue to cue continues.

Mik Kuhlman confirms with Ray Gonzales that his suggestion is necessary. Two minutes left.

Cue to cue complete and the band breaks into Huey Lewis' "Back In Time."

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