Friday, January 15, 2010

What's Connor (Toms) Doing?

Jim Jewell is a veteran of Liason, Lights and Sound, Writing, and Food, for which he now takes responsibility, separating wads of lunchmeat into it's pre-designated slices onto the tray that already shows a similar arrangement of cheeses.
Wow, TMI.

Back on track, Jim just walked into the room and said, and I paraphrase;

"It wouldn't be 14/48 if Connor (Toms) wasn't dry humping something."

I ask 14/48 weekend 2 photographer Austin James whether he might know what Connor is up to and he shows me three pictures which show veteran Connor Toms in 3 'dry hump' positions with veteran Khan Doan. I think that these satisfy Jewell's earlier comment on entering the room. It is, indeed, 14/48.

Photos to follow.

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