Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tech Show #6 La Cris Jordan's Beyond the Rain

Not even two minutes into tech, and this crew earns the "calmest group during tech" award. They spend it running the last cue in the piece, which is fairly detailed. Here's the argument for keeping things simple: they will leave tech having mastered the major trouble spot in their play.

Looks like Jordan's decision to pull things back for this play seems to be paying off nicely.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, La'Chris wanted a table and chairs in the cell, and the play to have lots of toys for the little girl/angel who appears with her...As Director, I suggested the play was told from the prisoner's perspective --barely holding onto her sanity,-- so we agreed to strike all "furniture" and toys and convey the imprisonment with lights and sound primarily (and terrific actors!) The band responded to our specific requests beautifully....we got our surreal world. --Victor Janusz