Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rehearsal #7 12:20pm

Show #7

This is the show with David Hogan who is feeling under the weather.  Steering Committee member Deb Fialkow is understudying him.

She watches David like a hawk. 

A situation like this could be unnerving but the key factor of calm was that David
told folks the first thing as he waked in the door."I'm sick and if I can do it, I'll do it"

So far, so good.  he's looking like a champ.

this is also a show with 5 kids, actors' ages ranging from mid-20s to... women of a certain age.

The audience will go right to the reality of the play.

The actors are marking through a really cool technical reveal in the show.  It's just mimed, but it looks beautiful.

Nice job, J. D. Lloyd.

My money's on David Hogan pulling through.

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David the Dog Trainer said...

I pulled through like a champ, son. Thanks, 14/48 for the support, and thanks, Deb, for having my back. I made 6 trips to the can by 2PM, but (put intended), after a few naps, a lot of liquids, and a thorough assessment of the size of my sac, when show #6 went up for the very first time, this virgin had his game face on like a motherfucker.