Friday, January 15, 2010

The Glue That Keeps The Show Together

That'd be the 14/48 Band I'm referring to there; and this weekend's group is stunning. Check it out:

Sky Lynn (Levator, Leda & The Swan) on Guitar
Alyssa Keene (Purty Mouth) on Vocals, Guitar and other instruments
Rob Witmer (Awesome, The Love Markets) on Accordion and other instruments. Trivia: Confirmed Bachelor
Tim Moore (Sourmash Stevedores) on Harmonica and Vocals
Alan Echison (Sourmash Stevedores) on Drums
Dave Pascal (Dr. Fleek, The Love Markets) on Bass
Eric Lane Barnes (Captain Smartypants, developing the City Artist Project production of Rapture of the Deep) on Piano and Vocals

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