Friday, January 15, 2010


Roaming around ACT this morning, here's what there is to report:

Early in the day for La Cris Jordan's The Ticket, and this group is throwing itself into the play rather enthusiastically. Vets Kaleb Hagen-Kerr and Amanda Williams play parents to Virges Matthew Middleton and Chris Ensweiler; Virge Sylvie Davidson plays Middleton's expectant wife. The family gathers together on Lotto drawing day and Middleton/Davidson may or may not hold the winning ticket. With Williams playing hard of hearing, Davidson's expectancy and Ensweiler performing with a stutter, hilarity may very well ensue.

You get to hear Keira "Lucky Strike" MacDonald say "beefcake with a boner...and he's naked!" in Rhodenborn's Emancipation.

Rumored opening piece from the band "Stand By Your Man."

Von Spreecken's Inner Workings could be seen as a take on the Pinnochio story with Conner Toms as Gepetto, and Khan Doan as Pinocchio.

Jim Jewell has done unnatural things to goats.

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