Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rehearsal #1 12:45pm

I will not lie.

When the theme "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was drawn, I feared that a Virgin Writer was going to do some "Wizard of Oz" take and "oh wouldn't it be clever if Dorothy was really a hooker or a drag queen... ha ha ha."

Virgin Writer David Schmader wrote a script with "Wizard of Oz" the base of the story.

And I'm really enjoying watching the rehearsal.

And that's all I'll write.

The cast has the comedic genius actors Alyson Scadron Branner, Chris Ensweiler, David Goldstein, Hana Lass and Alexander Samuels.

The actors finished their run through and are congratulating each other and diretor Julie Beckman for not cracking up during the run.

And THAT'S all I'll write.

Here's a picture by me, not Auston.

And that's all I'll post.

Wannna see the funny?

Getcher tickets.

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