Friday, January 15, 2010

Designer's Table: Friday morning

I sit down at the designer's table. I ask if there have been any odd requests.
Hannah Schnabel and Julia Evanovich, costumers, says that they have been asked to procure prom dresses (burnt) and a mechanical girl for the piece "Inner Workings", by virgin playwright Jonah von Spreecken. Sounds promising, Jonah.

Michael Mowery (Design Lead), shown here, has had the same sweatshirt the entire fest. Carbon dating on some of the stains reveal that he has probably not washed the sweatshirt since the French and Indian War.

Maria Menendez: "Ventriloquist Dummies?"
Peter Dylan O Connor: "Nobody has those anymore."
Deb Fialkow: "Ben Burris has them if anybody."
Jim Jewell calls Seattle Children's Theater to ask about 'Mini-Maddie', a dummy used in the play "The 100 Dresses", part of SCT's 2008 season. Jim calls Edie Whitsett, SCT's propmaster extraordinaire. We await the return call.

The designers are building their plan for the day. So far on the docket: Fire Gloves, a pregnancy belly with water breaking feature, and a wrench. That's all for one piece. Piece one.

Tina La Plant (director): ", no, he lights the fire BEFORE her water breaks."

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HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. If that doesn't get yout ot 14/48, you might be dead.