Friday, January 15, 2010

Auston's Photos from tech

Becky Poole meditates while Darian Lindle approves

Could Khan Doan be less animated?

Becky Poole gets ready for the wind up; Betty Campbell remains unsuspecting

"We're sisters!" (clockwise from top left:) Mik Kuhlman, Michelle Chiachiere, Betsy Schwartz, Betty Campbell

Director Victor Janusz confers with Andrew McMasters

Beatnik John Bartley takes the stage like Genghis Khan takes the Eurasian corridor, daddy-o (*snap snap snap snap snap*)

Director "Liam" Cole

Coin operated girl, Khan Doan runs through her lemur coding atop the prone Conner Toms.

David Hogan as Miss Sequim and Ashley Bagwell as Miss Kent

Director David Bennett, Band Figurehead Tim Moore

The couldn't ever be more lovely Keira MacDonald

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Jennifer said...

Too much fun! And great photos -- thanks for keeping those of us who aren't in Seattle in the loop!