Saturday, January 16, 2010

Injury Report

Well, Friday night of 14/48 claimed a couple of victims and injured another. Here's the scoop:

- David Hogan, who had a stellar 14/48 de-flowering (see him in the red dress below?), feels like he may have eaten something off (serves his macro-diet ass right) during the course of the day, because he's looking and feeling a little peaked this morning. Whatever the cause, there's a slight possibility that he may not be able to perform tonight; in which case, Deb Fialkow has graciously and bravely agreed to sub in for him, regardless of how gender specific the role is.

- Eric Lane Barnes, piano/instrumentals, is not feeling well and is feeling tentative for this evening's performances. The cause of the illness is unknown, but alternates are being sought for.

- Ray Tagavilla, during rehearsals for Scotto Moore's Fire, Sleep With Me, was making an exit called for in the script, when he ran into a post, full speed, just above the knee. He's mobile, but bending has become a bit of a chore. Stretches, RayTag, stretches. And ice.

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David the Dog Trainer said...

I have already commented on my own fortitude on another post, so I will just say, here, for the record, the soldiers fight the whole fight and don't pack it in early.