Friday, January 15, 2010

Mazen Moments: Mik Kuhlman

The water cooler. Right next to these crappy digs that the bloggers somehow ended up with. By our own fault.

Mik Kuhlman, veteran actor and winner of the January 2010 2nd weekend Mazen Award (and carrier of the associated congratulatory bottle of scotch) comes to the water cooler, and we get to chatting because we are both really cool and with it and we have, like, soooo much in common. Whoops. Let's try that without the valley girl layer.
During our conversation, she lets slip that she is travelling to the middle east soon. Of course, I ask why? and she informs me that she will be one of only three american actors and one designer that will travel to East Jerusalem and the Palestinian National Theater to work with three palestinian actors, a playwright, and a director, to create a show that will then travel to ten (10) west bank cities. She kind of says this casually, somehow.

Big big big congrats, Mik.

Stateside, aside from tonight and tomorrow in 14/48, you can see Mik's work as part of the UMO Dance Ensemble, appearing soon right here at ACT.

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