Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tech Show #7 Jonah Von Spreecken's Pretty Flowers

Correction, it's the Rainbow Song, from the Muppet Movie, and not the Muppet Show theme.

Another calm crew (maybe it's the later tech time that allows this to be the case). Von Spreecken and JD Lloyd give us a demented and colorful child's world, which the actors are having a good time exploring (Amanda Williams' lisp is priceless and truly, Betty Campbell and Clara Rodriguez as a young children? Goodness). Action takes over the Falls Theater and incorporates the band (both 14/48 mainstays).

They get through tech ever so calmly, and the final band cue finishes just as lights go to black, without rehearsal..."OH YEAH!" exclaims band figurehead, Tim Moore.

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