Friday, January 15, 2010

14/48 Winter 2010 - Friday January 15 Theme: Into The Fire

"(V)" denotes that person's virgin status for this weekend.

Here's tonight's itinerary:

Act I

The Ticket
by La Cris Jordan (V)
Dir. Tina La Plant

Matthew Middleton (V)
Kaleb Hagen-Kerr
Chris Ensweiler (V)
Sylvie Davidson (V)
Amanda Williams

With four virgins involved in this piece, this play ties with the fourth piece of the evening for the "Plays/Actors to Watch" title for the day.

Empty Nest
by David Schmader (V)
Dir. Victor Janusz

Hanna Lass
Lyssa Brown
Andrew McMasters

Inner Workings
by Jonah Von Spreecken (V)
Dir. David Bennet

Khan Doan
Conner Toms

Third Runner Up
by David Tucker
Dir. Julie Beckman (V)

David Hogan (V)
Ashley Bagwell (V)
Alex Samuels
Clara Rodriguez (V)

The other virgin heavy "One To Watch" piece of the day.


Fire, Sleep With Me
by Scotto Moore
Dir. Liam Cole

Alyson Scadron-Branner
David Goldstein
Jen Moon
Ray Tagavilla

Total Emancipation of the Human Personality
by Marcy Rodenborn
Dir. J.D. Lloyd

John Bartley
Ben Burris
Keira MacDonald

Tea Time
by Nick Stokes (V)
Dir. Darian Lindle

Becky Poole
Betty Campbell
Michelle Chiachiere
Becky Schwartz
Mik Kuhlman


paul said...

Schmader sorta lucked out drawing Lyssa Browne and Hana Lass.

Anthony said...

Mullen, you got to watch yourself. That post reads like a slap at all the other fantastically talented actresses that are participating this weekend more than it does a slap at Schmader. Not to mention Andrew. It's a good thing you're a playwright and not a critic.