Friday, January 15, 2010

Virgewatch: Third Runner Up

I enter the Bullit Cabaret, rehearsal space for veteran writer David Tucker's play "Third Runner Up", featuring an astonishing virge count; 4 out of 5! That's four virges ( one director and three actors) to one veteran.
Virge director Julie Beckman sits at a table with veteran bandleader Tim Moore talking about sound needs. The actors are busy. Alex Samuels, the only veteran, seems fairly calm. He walks around avoiding the camera. Virgin Clara Rodriguez oscillates between hydrating and pacing the south wall of the room running lines and occasionally thrusting an arm out, like someone cheering at a sports event might do. Virgins David Hogan, now 36 years old, and Ashley Bagwell, whose age I do not know but he's older than a kid, are embroiled in a creative discussion and seem not to notice me standing at three feet taking pictures. They do not seem afraid. Rather, they are exuding an aura of confident creativity. It is palpable. While I am in the room, the four actors converge suddenly to discuss a moment. Or something. I am clearly intruding, and opt to make a quiet exit. The virgins seem okay for now. Later, I will check their pants for the nervous shits.

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