Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fire burn!!!

And the most demanding prop need for the evening... FIRE!

Michael Mowery's at it again. Yesterday he was on the hunt for guns... now fire? What is he up to?

"Does anyone know how to make a fire?" - Michael Mowery

"What kind of fire?" - Shawn Belyea

"A camp fire." - Michael Mowery (or so he says)

Everyone - keep an eye on Michael. I'm a little paranoid with all of this talk of guns and fire. Then Gary Menendez joined the conversation...

"What do we need today?" - Gary Menendez

"We need to make cocaine." - Michael Mowery

"It might be cheaper to just buy it." - Gary Menendez

Team Menendez and Mowery... at it again!

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