Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Morning Seattle

Your friendly neighborhood blogger, Jordan Rosin reporting for duty. As I sit in the meeting space, digesting my delicious french toast breakfast (thank you Alex Samuels), I thought I'd share with you a few things I've heard, and a few of the things I've learned thus far at 14/48.

Overheard at Breakfast

  1. "Thank goodness for whoever brought the Emergen-C." Tammi Doyle


  1. "No internal cues at all" are a 14/48 stage manager's favorite words to hear. (Tyrone Brown obviously knows how to garner favor of the 14/48 Stage Management gods.)
  2. Invariably, the actors will always add words. As Opal Peachey says, "If you're gonna add "totally"s at least say it like a fifteen year old" (which means do it in character.)
  3. Sleep is a good thing, but hard to come by.
  4. The couches in the ACT lobbies make a great place for a mid-day nap.

That's all I can think of right now. Stay tuned for more insights and observations throughout the day. I can't believe we're doing it all over again!


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Louise said...

Tyrone may have said that, but Gary is exploring the possibility of using FLATS for his piece tonight!!