Saturday, January 9, 2010

P.S. I need...

Over in 'TECHIE CORNER', demands are being made for sets, props, costumes and lights. First up, Nicole Boyer Cochran:

* She needs a bench, maybe two benches, but not chairs... definately not chairs.
* She needs a big display of flowers for a funeral... cats out of the bag... there's a funeral tonight.
* She needs lighting which is bright, like a sunny afternoon.
* She finished her wish list with, "I don't need a pony." Banton sunk in his seat at this news as his prospects of making a prop which would top the freakishly large claws were dimming. "I could've made the best pony ever," stated Banton, "A pony made from paint cans, gauze and an old rusty trampoline!"

You'll get your prop Banton... don't you worry.

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