Friday, January 8, 2010


14/48 Stage Manager, Lou Butler, has arrived!

Quick Quotes and Tiddly Bits:

"Intense. The day has been on constant fast forward. Veterans have asked if I'm going to barf."
- Arreola - VIRGIN ACTOR (Hey, don't barf on me, buddy.)

"It has to come from the heart... I'm starting to find it."
- Ryan Higgins - ACTOR (asked how the 'girly wave' he was directed do was going for him)

Morgan Rowe is wearing a birthday hat... yup.

"God... we have a complicated piece and I'm glad to be a part of it. Trying to wrap my brain around it... a little overwhelmed at the moment."
- Lisa Viertel - ACTOR

"Ummm... they would be those butterflies that are beautifully colored but the bottom half of their wing is deformed to look like tear drops... and they would be wearing a jaunty beret."
- Erin Kraft - DIRECTOR (asked what Director Butterflies look like)

Personally - this day is like riding a moose through a marsh... yeah, you're going to get a little muddy, but think about the stories you'll have to tell.

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