Friday, January 8, 2010

3 Things

As I walked to the theatre to get my binder from the stage, 3 things happened:

* Tim Hyland took me to the vault room which is now a lounge. If you're coming to see the show tonight do not, I repeat, DO NOT shut the vault door. The only person with the combo died about 50 years ago.

* When I arrived in the theatre there was a single spotlight shining on the keg of beer, tapped the night before at the meeting. This was a sign from the 14/48 gods to have a glass of beer (or foam, as was my case.)

* The band was meeting up and discussing the layout for the evening. For all of those keeping track at home, virgin band member Shawnmarie Stanton will be playing the harp at some point this evening (possibly leading out of show five!)

Lunch is upon us and actors (including Troy Lund, Michael 'Bama' Katt and Ryan Higgins) have started to make their way back to the food table. In a few short hours will be the DIRECTORS MEETING followed by a string of TECH REHEARSALS!

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