Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend One Wrap-Up

My job as blogger is almost done, but before signing off, I wanted to say a few thanks and report what a pleasure it was blogging for the festival this weekend.

14/48, each time I experience it, reminds me why people are drawn into the theatre business or, as my good friend Peter Dylan O'Connor might say, why we keep getting sucked back into it even if we try to escape. The people. Live theatre CONNECTS some f***ing cool people. I've met at least two dozen new people this weekend, each of them talented, smart, funny, skilled, and passionate artists! How awesome is that? I look forward to seeing them all again in the future.

My dearest thanks go to all those who made this weekend so memorable.

Finally, anyone who is somehow reading this blog who has NOT yet experienced the awesomeness which is 14/48, I desperately implore you to get your butt over to ACT next weekend and prepare to have your mind blown.

Good night, Seattle. Yours truly,
Jordan Rosin

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